Hiveward ensure your website is user friendly for yourself the business owner and your customers, as a QA tester with 11 years experience and a great eye to detail, ensures websites do not blind customers with lots of things it is kept simple and user friendly for both parties……you need a new item uploaded picture added asap you can do this yourself if you wanted to…..want to know more then please contact us further

Hiveward designs and sets up user friendly websites for small businesses and sole traders. With this you will get 3 support calls/website updates a year, plus guidance and also taught how to update your website yourself if you so wish to, plus a reminder when your hosting package is up for renewal and your domain so you don’t miss out on this important part of running your site.

Hiveward also tests Dev or Live websites to ensure they offer a user friendly service to your customers, if you wish to know more please contact us further for more information.

Hivewards aim is to make websites users friendly for your business use and your clients. Below are a few local businesses in which we have had the pleasure to work with so far. For testimonials please click here.

The Hedingham Social Club

Darkins Supply Store

Tara Whyand